Anaco specializes in the sourcing, Importation and distribution of goods for mass consumption in Nigeria. Given our Numerous years of market experience, we have secured storages (warehouse) in strategic locations in Lagos.

We have cultivated a reputation for supplying products of the highest quality. By also leveraging on our strategy of Economics of Scale; we have been able to implement effective- fair pricing of our products. This highly due to the goodwill we have established over the years.


We currently import the following range of Paper based products;

1. Wood free bond paper in sheets & reels (52 gsm – 70 gsm)

2. Art paper in sheets (90 gsm-135gsm)

3. Bank colour paper (45 gsm).

4. ART CARD 230gsm-250 gsm

5. PHOTOCOPIER PAPER( 75 gsm-80 gsm)

Most of our products are from INDONESIA, INDIA , CHINA and SOUTH AFRICA.

Our Traded PAPER PRODUCTS do have the following Quality Composition

  • Excellent formation, superior bulk, and opacity.
  • Shade stability and light fastness property.
  • And they are surface sized paper.