In recognition of the multicultural landscape of the Nigerian market, ANACO PLASTICS CO.LTD has consistently for over 20 years provided essential products required by Nigerian Homes and businesses. Currently specializing in INTERNATIONAL TRADING -with an established distribution network, we have consistently delivered to the Nigerian market – goods and services with a benchmark for Quality and affordable prices.

This organization has developed extensive goodwill with our partners and customers over the years, and we look to the future with endless possibilities. Currently we are one of the Major distributors of PAPER PRODUCTS in Nigeria.


Established in June 1981 as a manufacturing company based in Anambra State. The company focused on Plastics i.e. Shopping bags and Nylon wrappers. This Strategy saw the company dominate the eastern landscape for these products for this period (80’s – 90’s).

In recent times we have diversified into International Trading, the company also officially relocated our office to LAGOS. With the intention of expanding our customer base and increasing our revenue.

The company also embarked on an ambitious programme to expand our product base, Trading in Paper products is a new addition to our portfolio and we are currently analyzing other Commodities to diversify into.

Management Team

The Management Team and Board of Directors are made up of experienced professionals from multiple industries. These individual have a 30 years combined experience cutting across different sectors of the economy.

Financial Profile

The company has increased its revenue stream- which has translated to an increased annual turnover; mainly coming from Importation and distributing and regardless of the current economy restrictions we are inline to achieving this target.

Our proven track records and drive, has ensured we enjoy Trade Credits from both our partners Abroad and Local Nigerian Banks. This is a reflection of the confidence, in the sound business relationship- Anaco has developed over the years.

Currently, we maintain banking relationships with the following banks